Watch the intense day at the 2016 Internetdagarna-conference, November 21-22 @Stockholm Waterfront.

Women are taking place as CEO:s, founders of innovative startups and investors like never before – Sweden is literally bursting with initiatives diversifying and disrupting the way we do digital business today! At Internetdagarna we present to you the accomplished role models and inspiring cases which have broken the glass ceilings of the world – once and for all.

Entrepreneurs Isabelle Edlund, Michaela Holtz and Susanne Birgersdotter enlightened how they got their journey to getting more financing to their startup.

WordPress Engine CEO Heather J. Brunner spoke about the importance of hiring talented people rather than skilled ones.

Monica Gullin, CIO at Comhem spoke about how she combats sexism at her workplace and mentors young trainees and female engineers.


Cygni developer Natalie Wassberg speak about the art of diverse recruitment and discuss with Monika Gullin, Head of IT @ComHem about being a leader in an otherwise male dominated tech company.